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  • Giant Scientist in a Lake

    I really enjoy old science textbooks, specifically because of all of the scientist images. They’re always so perplexed, so deep in thought. This guy is never going to solve his DNA problem trapped in the pages of an old school book. I think he needs a weekend at the lake. Actually I should rescue all…

  • Closing the Comet

  • See Teenage Peril!

  • The "Greatest Hits"

    Moving to a smaller place forced me to really examine all of my trinkets and decide what to put on display and what to put in storage. Decisions, decisions.

  • Yellow

  • It’s a mystery.

  • “September Souk” at the Georgetown Trailer Park 09/08/12

  • Little Black Devil Burlesque Ball

    Here’s what I’ve been working on this week. The first time I heard anything about the Little Black Devil Burlesque ladies was back in August, they were part of the “Hot August Nights” event, and apparently a good time was had by all. Had a good time researching this. Obviously burlesque is having a huge…

  • It's almost time for ELVISTRAVAGANZA!

    If you’re going to Bumbershoot this weekend, be sure to swing by the ELVISTRAVAGANZA! exhibit curated by Marlow Harris and Jo David. Some of the work that Jo David has been posting on the blog is incredible, I think this is going to be great. “50 years ago, in 1962, we celebrated the Seattle World’s Fair.…

  • September Art Attack Poster & Card

    A “back to school” theme seemed kind of obvious for the September Georgetown Art Attack poster and card. Some sort of nostalgic cheerleader imagery, specifically a guy cheerleader with a big megaphone. There was some debate as to what would be in the background, since there aren’t any schools in the vicinity. We used the…