Back when I was at Methodologie I worked on a series of overhead images depicting various friends and family in a living room setting, immersed in Xbox game imagery. The end result being versatile layered files with interchangeable backgrounds to be distributed internationally in marketing tool kits.

All of them were shot on a neutral gray background to simplify the impending removal of the entire living room floor. The bookcase was consistent, but a screenshot from the game was inserted on the TV screen in each shot.

The first image is one is for one of the early Forza games, so I was obsessing over the asphalt and skid mark textures.

The second image is for a game called “Viva Piñata”. It was decided that the mom and dad needed to be replaced with a more friendly variation from the same shoot, along with the kid on the left who also had to be switched out. But the kid on mom’s lap got to stay in the picture.

The third image is for everybody’s favorite dystopian battle game, “Gears of War”. I’ve never seen the game myself, but apparently a bombed-out metropolis is the playing field.


Photoshop composite & retouching work for METHODOLOGIE/ XBOX.