Monkeywrench LP Cover

I’m still quite amazed that this project dropped in my lap. I was asked to do the art for the third Monkeywrench CD and LP packaging. Monkeywrench was a side project of Mark Arm and Steve Turner from Mudhoney, joined by Tim Kerr, ( The Big Boys, Poison 13) Tom Price ( The U-Men, Gas Huffer, The Tom Price Desert Classic) and Martin Bland. ( Lubricated Goat, Bloodloss etc)

Tim Kerr, an established fine artist in Austin, had already created a drawing for the front cover. I would be responsible for the tray card, the insert, and the overall design. Mark was interested in a trippy 70’s look and feel. Rapture imagery would also be prominent. The band contributed various pieces of great imagery.

Of course I looked at lot of old album covers, mainly to track down period-correct fonts and pre-digital collage art. Almost all of them had atomic bomb mushroom clouds, and duotones were really common. I did the CD packaging first, and years later, the LP art, which was a lot more ambitious. I had never done a gatefold LP cover before, it was like a huge blank canvas.



The LP is still available here:

MONKEYWRENCH – Gabriel’s Horn [LP, 2012]