Girls on Pills Illustration

This was an illustration for a book review in the Stranger. Unfortunately this is another one that is from ancient times, and I’ve lost the original scans and working files years ago. The book was meant to be a sequel to the iconic Valley of the Dolls. (“Shadow of the Dolls”) All of us are familiar with the classic movie. The art director wanted something campy, but we wanted to avoid any imagery from the film. The three girls at the bottom of the image are from an old 50’s issue of Seventeen magazine.

I scanned the pills from an old 80’s PDR. (Physicians Desk Reference) The diagram in the background is from one of my old Chemistry textbooks.

The girl is from an old Midol ad. (Google “old Midol ad”, the Midol people apparently spent a fortune on marketing)


“Girls on Pills” Digital collage illustration for THE STRANGER