Friends of Historic Belltown

Like a lot of the major cities on the East and West coasts, Seattle is experiencing a record development boom. There are major construction projects underway all over the city, including my neighborhood, Belltown. Unfortunately Belltown is conveniently located near Elliot Bay, and the sprawling new Amazon headquarters towers are just a few blocks east. So it is a very desirable area for developers.

The Friends of Historic Belltown is a small community-based group that is dedicated to saving the Belltown’s historic and iconic buildings. I’ve made posters, handbills and a brochure to promote the group and the various Landmark Preservation meetings at city hall.

Typically I would start with an old property assessment photo of the building, clean up the exterior and clone as needed, and carefully add color. Sometimes I would add period-correct people and cars just to make the image more interesting. I would also drop in a sky from an old postcard, because the colors are so saturated.


Photoshop & design work for the FRIENDS of HISTORIC BELLTOWN posters and handbills.