DJ David James Poster

DJ David James ( David Rauschenberg) is one of those guys that has a couple of thousand old records in his basement, and is always shopping for more. You can find him at various Pacific Northwest area record shows, digging through crates looking for old funk and R&B gems. He was definitely a part of the glorious early years at the Lava Lounge. And he is still spinning old singles at the Lo-Fi in Seattle.

Here I was trying to create something that would be a nod to those old records that he collects. I made something that resembled one of those old 50’s R&B tour posters. With a fake split fountain background, which I had never done before. I sent this text through an office copy machine several times to get that texture, a favorite technique at the time.


Photoshop & design work for the LAVA LOUNGE DJ poster.