For several years I freelanced at a small design firm called Methodologie. There were about 30 employees, and all of them were creative and brilliant. They specialized in high-end corporate design. My files ended up in beautiful annual reports and websites for a lot of big name brands, like the Coca-Cola Company, Boeing, Microsoft, BNSF Railway etc. But I spent most of my time working on projects for Coca Cola.

This first image ended up being the cover of the 2006 annual report. The client loved this stock photography model, but the iPod had to go. And obviously he would look a lot better if he was wearing a “Coke Red” shirt. ( CMYK: 4, 100, 95, 0 )

The second model was shot at the University of Washington campus, but the client wanted to drop her into a more international setting. And as per usual, a different product was placed in her hands. It became routine to switch out the bottles on a whim.

The third image is a composite of two images from the same sequence. The client was happy with the girls on the on the left and right, but the girl in red was obscured.

The fourth and fifth images are also situations where the client wanted to alter the background of each shot.


Photoshop composite work for METHODOLOGIE/ THE COCA COLA COMPANY.