April 2012 Art Attack Poster

This was a memorable one. Larry Reid wanted something vaguely easter-related, but nothing predictable like a tradional easter bunny. He wanted a Jackalope, somewhere along Airport Way. (Georgetown’s main drag) Of course there are several fine examples of Jackalope imagery online, but I wanted to build my own. I bought stock photos of this jackrabbit and the antlers and grafted them together. And it seemed obvious that he should be huge, as tall as a building. Inserting him between two of the buildings of the original Rainier Brewery (Georgetown’s most prominent feature) seemed like a great fit.

The green sky was meant to be a nod to Godzilla movie posters. When I worked on these Art Attack pieces I almost always put planes in the sky, Boeing Field is just south of Georgetown.

The people in the foreground are spectators at an air show. ( I needed a source file where the spectators were looking up.) Notice the Georgetown Brewery logo on the tshirt on the left. They are a major sponsor of the Art Attack, so their logo was always included on the posters and postcards. Typically I would try to integrate the logo into the imagery.

Photoshop & design work for the GEORGETOWN ART ATTACK poster and postcard.